2021.09.04 Airshow to celebrate 25. years  Hunterverein Mollis anniversary

From 03.09.2021 to 04.09.2021 Hunterverein Mollis organise to his 25. anniversary airshow on airfield Mollis ( Glarus ).

 Main stars of show  were  historic Hunter airplanes:

Graffiti-Hunter” (J-4015) – only static display

Papyrus-Hunter” (J-4015) – part of air show program

Amici-Hunter”(J-4201) – part of air show program

Tiger-Hunter” (J-4206) – part of air show program

Historic Hunters( Papyrus (J-4015), Amici (J-4201), Tiger (J-4206))

„Graffiti-Hunter” (J-4015)

“Tiger” Hunter (J-4206)

“Amici” Hunter Mk.68 (J-4201)

“Papyrus” Hunter (J-4015)

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