Are you interested in plane spotting? 

Do you live in Zurich or around Zurich?

Would you like to experience a practical lesson on acquiring skills needed for plane spotting?

If you do, you might be interested in my workshop which includes a practical introduction to plane spotting on the Airport Kloten in Zurich. The available dates are listed here

Technical Prerequisites:

  • Digital camera ( any )  –  Example photos done with SONY A7RMIII
  • Zoom Lens 
  • Monopod

How to Photograph Planes

1) Plan your airport visit / air show visit.

2) At home – clean your sensor to remove dust . Dust shows up most prominently on areas of flat colour, like the sky. Especially when shooting photos with narrow apertures.

3) On site,  look for a good spotting position. 

4) Mount camera with  zoom lens to monopod.

5) Focus your lens in AF mode. 

6) On an airshow photography day, I almost always have continuous shooting engaged. Shooting in continuous mode improves your chance of getting  sharp images.

7) Camera settings – RAW Format.

a) For planes on ground – Set exposition to AUTO mode  (600mm, ISO AUTO, AWB )  

b) For flying planes with jet engine – Set exposition to M mode (600mm,ISO 100,AWB,F/8 , 1/2000s) 

c) For flying propeller-driven aircraft – Set exposition to M mode (600mm, ISO 100,AWB, F/8 , 1/125s) 


ISO – The use of ISO is heavily dependent on the lighting conditions at the time of shooting. For a bright and sunny day outdoors, you will only need an ISO of around 100-200. On cloudier days you may need a higher ISO, like 400-800 for example.